The Top 10 Most Popular Stories over The Past Week
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The Top 10 Most Popular Stories over The Past Week

by Amos Odell on June 19, 2010
It's another week of records. More tweets, more clicks, more pre-orders. With the range of apps and communication technology available (and largely free) today, knowledge is accessed and shared easily, leading to new skills being acquired, and as a result, interests are bridged beyond expectations.
KINGSTON 27, WEST INDIES    June 19, 2010    MoreOnDesign

As a global creative network, we report what the typical curious mind of a professional creative will find interesting. And judging from the tens of thousands of clicks we amassed from your favorite stories, it seemed to us our community does have an insatiable appetite for.... just about anything interesting. 

From Social Media, to liveable metropolises, to supermodel Agyness Deyn, let's take a look back on what managed to earn your clicks over the past week. 

1) New York Times Bans Word 'Tweet'

‘Tweet’ might be a common enough word, given the popularity of Twitter, but writers at The New York Times have been told not to use it. 

2) WordPress Launches Version 3.0

Popular blogging service WordPress have launched the 3.0 version of its software, its thirteenth major release so far. A total of 218 contributers helped put WordPress 3.0 out within a six month period. Called “Thelonius”, the update is currently available for download, or through an upgrade from within the WordPress dashboard. 

3) Turkey President Uses Twitter to Condemn YouTube Ban

Turkey President Abdullah Gul used his Twitter feed to condemn his country’s strict internet restrictions, including the ban on YouTube and several Google services. “I am definitely against them being closed down. I have ordered responsible institutions for a solution. I asked for a change in regulations on merit,” Gul said in separate tweets. 

4) MTV Launches Nationwide Search for First-Ever TJ 'Twitter Jockey'

The MTV TJ position is a modern-day re-imagining of the pioneering MTV VJ. While the MTV VJ had a one-way dialog in reporting music and pop culture-related news to the audience, the MTV TJ will actively engage MTV's hyper-social audience -- answering their questions, amplifying their interests, doling out behind-the-scenes information, cool links and exclusive media across, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and in 30-second sponsored on-air interstitials. The MTV TJ will be based at MTV's global headquarters in New York City. 

5) Webby Awards Winners Give 5-Word Speeches

Internet co-inventor Vinton Cerf was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award for not only laying the groundwork for the creation of the internet, but also continuing to play vital role in shaping the internet as we know it today. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” he said. 

6) Man Puts Life in Hands of Twitter

Instead of just blogging about his life, 29-year-old David Perez will put it in the hands of his Twitter followers. Titled “David On Demand”, the week-long project will start 21 June and see the recruiter for Leo Burnett follow any commands users might issue him via the @davidondemand Twitter feed. 

7) Hope and the Magic Lottery by Seth Godin

"When someone encourages you to avoid the magic lottery, they're not criticising your idea nor are they trying to shatter your faith or take away your hope. Instead, they're pointing out that shortcuts are rarely dependable (or particularly short) and that instead, perhaps, you should follow the longer, more deliberate, less magical path if you truly want to succeed." 

8) TAXI unveils re-designed The Creative Finder, and domain mapping capabilities for members' portfolios 
Beauty, in this digital age, is only homepage deep. See the enhancements we’ve made to TAXI + The Creative Finder portfolios that go beyond the cosmetic. 

9) Model Agyness Deyn Launches Online Magazine

Top English model Agyness Deyn over the weekend with her friend Fiona Byrne, a former editor at, launched her new magazine. Titled “Naag”, the online magazine will cover a range of lifestyle subjects from fashion and beauty to culture and restaurants. Byrne is the editor-in-chief while Deyn took the creative editor role at the magazine named from a combination of the last two letters of Byrne’s first name and the first two of Deyn’s. 

10) Monocle Names 2010 Top 25 Most Liveable Cities

Monocle Magazine has released its annual Quality of Life rankings for 2010. The annual rankings take a unique look at urban hubs that “have it all”, the magazine said. The judging criteria factors in general liveability points like transport, culture, housing and hospitality. Munich tops list. 

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