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The Visual Miscellaneum

by Emily Madison on August 08, 2010
The Visual Miscellaneum is unique, groundbreaking looks at the modern information age, helping readers make sense of the countless statistics and random facts that constantly bombard us. Using cutting edge graphs, charts, and illustrations, David McCandless creatively visualizes the world’s surprising relationships and compelling data, covering everything from the most pleasurable guilty pleasures to how long it takes different condiments to spoil to world maps of Internet search terms.
AUSTRALIA    August 08, 2010    MoreOnDesign

Would you consider pre-ordering my book? That way I can get it into more bookshops. And we can spread the good news about the amazing ALL-GRAPHIC FUTURE OF CIVILISATION THAT AWAITS US! It’s out in the US 10th November. And in the UK on the 4th February.

I received my first copies this week – a joyful and agonising experience. Joyful because yay it’s my book! Agonising because, inevitably, I keep seeing things I want to change or tweak or improve. Overall though, I think it’s pretty good. Ultimately, I wanted to explore a whole range of subjects as visually and beautifully as possible, with the minimum of text. I hope I managed it and I hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think. Thanks! David. "

About David McCandless

David McCandless has been a writer for twenty years. His work has appeared in over thirty magazines and newspapers in the UK and the US. They include Wired, The Guardian, Tank, and The Independent. 

In 2000, he was the editor and writer of, the interactive half of the BBC2 / World Productions drama series,
 Attachments. The Guardian called it the "best British webzine". It was one of the first websites to feature something called a 'blog'. Now look what's happened...

He started his career aged 15, writing for cult video games magazines Your Sinclair, Zero and PC Zone. By 1995, his eerie talent for video games had led to him clinching that much coveted title, UK Doom Champion. He then went on to represent his country in the world finals. Unfortunately he lost, in the first round, to a 14 year old boy from New Jersey with a moustache. 

He spends some of his spare time noodling with desktop music. His self-released LP,
 Smoother & Faster, won Q Magazine's StarMaker award in 1997 and was featured on Channel 5 news and the BBC World Service. He has since sold over 40 copies.

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