Gridís Bare Essentials for the Graphic Designer
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Gridís Bare Essentials for the Graphic Designer

by Abbey Abraham on July 23, 2010
The Bare Essentials...A self-initiated project based on the stereotypical Ďmust havesí of the graphic designer from mind set and values to tools and appliances.
SANTIAGO DE CHILE, CHILE    July 23, 2010    MoreOnDesign

As a working human, have you ever tried listing what you need most on your chosen profession? Being a Graphic Designer, Ashwin Patel listed it down using great iconography and representations of the essential needs of Graphic Designers.


Let’s take a look at this detailed piece of print and check if you missed some things on the list.


Ashwin Patel at has launched a poster to outline the stereotypical ‘must haves’ of today’s graphic designers. Born in England and working just out of London, Ashwin entered the design world shortly after graduating at UCA in 2007. He has been lucky to work alongside some great minds since his studies and using this experience and knowledge he has come up with some of the essentials he believes what makes the graphic designer.


Illustrated with punchy, to the point and simple icons, the poster describes mind set and values to tools and appliances.


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